Science / Weather / Radiation: The process by which energy is propagated through any medium by virtue of the wave motion of that medium. Electromagnetic radiation, which emits heat and light, is one form. Sound waves are another.

Other Words for Radiation

Radiation Adjective Synonyms: emission, emanation, diffusion, dispersal, shedding

Radiation Fog

Science / Weather / Radiation Fog: Fog that is created when radiational cooling at the earth's surface lowers the temperature of the air near the ground to or below its dew point. Formation is best when there is a shallow surface layer MORE

Radiation Hybrid

Science / Genetics / Radiation Hybrid: A hybrid cell containing small fragments of irradiated human chromosomes. Maps of irradiation sites on chromosomes for the human, rat, mouse, and other genomes provide important markers, allowing the MORE

Electromagnetic Radiation

Technology / Cell Phones / Electromagnetic Radiation: Waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving together through space. Also called electromagnetic energy. MORE

Radiational Cooling

Science / Weather / Radiational Cooling: The cooling of the earth's surface and the adjacent air. Although it occurs primarily at night, it happens when the earth's surface suffers a net loss of heat due to outgoing radiation. MORE

Terrestrial Radiation

Science / Weather / Terrestrial Radiation: Long wave radiation that is emitted by the earth back into the atmosphere. Most of it is absorbed by the water vapor in the atmosphere, while less than ten percent is radiated directly into space. MORE

Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM)

Technology / Radar / Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM): An anti-radiation missile is able to guide itself to destroy a radar using the signal transmitted by the radar. Destruction of the radar or intimidation of the operators is the most positive electroni MORE