Science / Weather / Radiosonde: An instrument attached to a weather balloon used to measure pressure, temperature, humidity, and winds aloft. Observations are made when the radiosonde is aloft and emits radio signals as it ascends. May be referred to as a RAOB, an acronym for RAdiosonde OBservation.


Science / Weather / Sounding: A plot of the atmosphere, using data rom upper air or radiosonde observations. Usually confined to a vertical profile of the temperatures, dew points, and winds above a fixed location. MORE


Science / Weather / Dropsonde: A radiosonde dropped with a parachute from an aircraft rather than lifted by a balloon to measure the atmosphere below. MORE


Science / Weather / Rawinsonde: An upper air observation that evaluates the winds, temperature, relative humidity, and pressure aloft by means of a balloon-attached radiosonde that is tracked by a radar or radio direction-finder. It MORE


Science / Weather / Rocketsonde: A type of radiosonde that is shot into the atmosphere by a rocket, allowing it to collect data during its parachute descent from a higher position in the atmosphere than a balloon could reach. MORE