Science / Weather / Rain: Precipitation in the form of liquid water droplets greater than 0.5 mm. If widely scattered, the drop size may be smaller. It is reported as 'R' in an observation and on the METAR. The intensity of rain is based on rate of fall. 'Very light' (R--) means that the scattered drops do not completely wet a surface. 'Light' (R-) means it is greater than a trace and up to 0.10 inch an hour. 'Moderate' (R) means the rate of fall is between 0.11 to 0.30 inch per hour. 'Heavy' (R+) means over 0.30 inch per hour.

Other Words for Rain

Rain Noun Synonyms: precipitation, drizzle, sprinkle, downpour, shower, thunder-shower, cloudburst, rainstorm, squall, deluge, sunshower
Rain Verb Synonyms: rainfall, precipitation


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