Science / Weather / Ridge: An elongated area of high atmospheric pressure that is associated with an area of maximum anticyclonic circulation. The opposite of a trough.

Other Words for Ridge

Ridge Verb Synonyms: crest, line, strip, top edge, arˆte

Eternal Oblique Ridge

Health / Dentistry / Eternal Oblique Ridge: A smooth ridge on the buccal surface of the body of the mandible that extends from the anterior border of the ramus, with diminishing prominence, downward and forward to the region of the mental foram MORE

Oceanic Ridge

Science / Marine Biology / Oceanic Ridge: A sinuous ridge rising from the deep-sea floor MORE

Ridge (Mid-Ocean)

Science / Geology / Ridge (Mid-Ocean): An elevated area of the sea floor in the center of an ocean basin with rugged topography, a central rift-valley and recurring seismic activity. Ridges generally stand about 1000 meters to 3000 meters MORE

Bridge Mounted (2 and 3-Way Speakers)

Technology / Home Audio / Bridge Mounted (2 and 3-Way Speakers): In combined 2 and 3-way speakers, which have woofers together with a Tweeter, or a Tweeter and a Midrange Driver, the smaller drivers are attached to the woofer by either one of two standard mountings MORE

Dog Ridge

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Dog Ridge: Has synonym name Dogridge. Female V.champini variety (ie. natural hybrid reported to be result of a complex V.rupestris x V.candicans cross with possible V.berlandieri involvement) propagated for use MORE

Bridge Programs

Life Style / College / Bridge Programs: Bridge Programs offer students an additional path for transferring to certain four-year colleges or universities. Bridge programs feature a seamless transition as a sophomore after spending your fresh MORE