Science / Weather / Rime: The rapid freezing of supercooled water droplets as they touch an exposed object, forming a white opaque granular deposit of ice. It is one of the results of an ice storm, and when formed on aircraft it is called rime icing.


Science / Chemistry / Experiment: An experiment is direct observation under controlled conditions. Most experiments involve carefully changing one variable and observing the effect on another variable (for example, changing temperatur MORE

Spot Prime

Life Style / Painting / Spot Prime: The process of applying a primer to areas where paint has been removed or stripped to the original surface. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Calorimetry: Experimental determination of heat absorbed or released by a chemical or physical change. MORE

En Primeur

Life Style / Wine / En Primeur: A system commonly associated with Bordeaux wine where the previous year's harvest is available for contract sales several months before the wine will be bottled and release. MORE


Science / Astrology / Detriment: Said of a planet that occupies the sign opposite its sign of natural rulership (dignity). A planet in detriment is thought to be at disadvantage. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Trimeter: A line consisting of three metrical feet. This short line is most common in English nursery rhymes, lullabies, and children's songs. We do find examples of it in poems like the opening lines of Willia MORE