Science / Weather / Sand: Loose particles of hard, broken rock or minerals. In observing, sand is reported when particles of sand are raised to sufficient height that reduces visibility. It is reported as 'SA' in an observation and on the METAR.

Blowing Sand

Science / Weather / Blowing Sand: Sand that is raised by the wind to heights of six feet or greater. It is reported as 'BLSA' in an observation and on the METAR. MORE

Quartzose Sandstone

Science / Geology / Quartzose Sandstone: (1) A quartz arenite. (2) A clean quartz sandstone, less pure than a quartz arenite, that may contain a moderate amount of other detrital minerals and/or calcite cement. MORE

Bar-Finger Sand

Science / Geology / Bar-Finger Sand: An elongated lens of sand deposited during the growth of a distributary in a delta. The bar at the distributary mouth is the growing segment of the bar finger. MORE


Science / Geology / Sandblasting: A physical weathering process in which rock is eroded by the impact of sand grains carried by the wind, frequently leading to ventifact formation of pebbles and cobbles. MORE


Science / Weather / Sandstorm: A strong wind carrying sand particles through the air. They are low level occurences, usually only ten feet in height to not more than fifty feet above the surface. Due to the frequent winds created b MORE

Dry To Sand

Life Style / Painting / Dry To Sand: That stage of drying when a paint film can be sanded without the sandpaper sticking or clogging. MORE