Santa Ana Winds

Science / Weather / Santa Ana Winds: The hot, dry winds, generally from the east, that funnel through the Santa Ana river valley south of the San Gabriel and San Bernadino Mountains in southern California, including the Los Angeles basin. Classified as katabatic, it occurs most often during the winter and it is an example of a foehn wind.

Diablo Winds

Science / Weather / Diablo Winds: Dry winds in the Diablo mountain range in central California that can exceed 60 miles per hour. Similar to the Santa Ana winds, they develop as the wind flows from high pressure over Nevada to lower p MORE

Newhall Winds

Science / Weather / Newhall Winds: The local name for winds blowing downward from desert uplands through the Newhall Pass southward into the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles. MORE

Nirvana Day

Life Style / Holiday / Nirvana Day: Mahayana Buddhists are one type of Buddhists. Many of them are Japanese. They celebrate February 13 as the anniversary of Buddha's death. For Buddhists, this is not a sad day, but a time to remember t MORE