Science / Weather / Scattering: The process by which small particles suspended in the air diffuse a portion of the incident radiation in all directions. This is a primary reason for colors, such as blue skies, rainbows, and orange sunsets. When working with radars, this often refers to the more or less random changes in direction of radio energy.

Other Words for Scattering

Scattering Verb Synonyms: smattering, sprinkling, trifle, bit, suggestion, hint

Deep-Scattering Layer

Science / Marine Biology / Deep-Scattering Layer: Well-defined horizon in the ocean that reflects sonar; indicates a layer usually consisting of fishes, squid, or other larger zooplankton MORE


Science / Weather / Backscatter: A radar echo that is reflected, or scattered, at 180 degrees to the direction of the incident wave. Also the scattering of radiant energy into space before it reaches the earth's surface. MORE


Science / Weather / Dawn: The first appearance of light in the eastern sky before sunrise. It marks the beginning of morning twilight. The visual display is created by the scattering of light reaching the upper atmosphere prio MORE