Sea Breeze Front

Science / Weather / Sea Breeze Front: A coastal phenomena, it is restricted to large bodies of water and their immediate coast lines. This is usually the landward extent of the sea breeze. Due to the imbalance of heating between land and water, a region of maximum upward motion or convergence occurs by mid-afternoon in the summer some 10 to 15 miles inland. Air mass thunderstorms or a line of towering cumulus clouds with showers can form along the front. At the beach, there are blue skies and a light breeze. This often occurs along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida's east coast.

Other Words for Breeze

Breeze Noun Synonyms: breath, puff, zephyr, wind, draught, gust, cat's-paw

Other Words for Front

Front Verb Synonyms: face, facade, facing, fore-part, anterior, obverse
Front Adjective Synonyms: frontage, forefront
Front Noun Synonyms: beginning, head, fore, vanguard, forefront, van

Other Words for Sea

Sea Adjective Synonyms: ocean, deep blue sea, high seas, (briny) deep, (bounding) main, Neptune's or Poseidon's kingdom or domain, blue water, Davy Jones's locker, briny, drink, pond (= 'Atlantic Ocean')
Sea Verb Synonyms: swell, breaker, wave

Sea Return

Technology / Radar / Sea Return: Clutter on the radarscope which is the result of the radar signal being reflected from the sea, especially near the ship. MORE

Sea Mile

Science / Weather / Sea Mile: A unit of length distinguished from a nautical mile. One sea mile is equivalent to 1,000 fathoms (6,000 feet). MORE

Sea Spray

Science / Weather / Sea Spray: Sometimes called salt spray, it is the drops of sea water (salt water) blown from the top of a wave. MORE