Science / Weather / Sky: The vault-like apparent surface against which all aerial objects are seen from the earth.

Other Words for Sky

Sky Noun Synonyms: heaven(s), skies, arch or vault of heaven, firmament, (wild) blue (yonder), ether, literary welkin, empyrean, azure


Technology / Computers / Skype: This is a peer-to-peer voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). This Internet telephony network was created by the same people that created Kazaa (Niklas Zennstr?¶m and Janus Friis). It was developed as MORE

Blue Sky Laws

Business / Taxes / Blue Sky Laws: Blue sky laws require companies that sell stock, mutual funds, and other financial products to register new issues with the appropriate public agency. They must also provide financial details of each MORE

Scotch Whisky

Entertainment / Liquor / Scotch Whisky: Blends are a mixture of about 40 per cent malt and 60 per cent grain whisky and are most suitable tor cocktails -single malts should be drunk neat or diluted with water MORE

Mackerel Sky

Science / Weather / Mackerel Sky: The name given to cirrocumulus clouds with small vertical extent and composed of ice crystals. The rippled effect gives the appearance of fish scales. MORE

Blue-Sky Provision

Business / Real Estate / Blue-Sky Provision: Requiring full disclosure of all risks in a limited partnership solicitation under the Uniform Partnership Act. MORE

Risky Asset

Business / Finance / Risky Asset: An asset whose future return is uncertain. MORE