Small Craft Advisory

Science / Weather / Small Craft Advisory: An advisory issued for marine interests, especially for operators of small boats or other vessels. Conditions include wind speeds between 20 knots (23 mph) and 34 knots (39 mph).

Other Words for Advisory

Advisory Noun Synonyms: bulletin, notice, warning, admonition, prediction
Advisory Adjective Synonyms: consultive, consultative, counseling, hortatory, monitory, admonitory

Other Words for Craft

Craft Noun Synonyms: deceit, guile, cunning, fraud, trickery, wiliness, foxiness, artfulness, craftiness, duplicity
Craft Verb Synonyms: skill, ability, artisanship, handiwork, ingenuity, skillfulness, art, talent, dexterity, cleverness, mastery, expertness, expertise, flair, genius , know-how

Other Words for Small

Small Adjective Synonyms: slight, secondary, insignificant, trivial, inconsequential, lesser, puny, negligible, minor, trifling, unimportant, paltry, nugatory
Small Noun Synonyms: skimpy, niggardly, stingy, uncharitable, ungenerous, scanty, meager, cheap, petty, parsimonious, grudging, stinting, selfish, miserly, tight, tight-fisted, close-fisted, close, poor, insignificant, inadequate, insufficient, unsatisfactory, negligible, tri
Small Verb Synonyms: little, tiny, short, diminutive, petite, mignon(ne), wee, teeny, elfin, Lilliputian, midget, miniature, minute, minuscule, baby, bantam, pocket(-sized), mini, undersized, immature, young, under age, pint-sized, peewee

Small Group

Health / Health Insurance / Small Group: Although each MCO's size limit may vary, generally a group composed of 2 to 99 members for which health coverage is provided by the group sponsor. MORE

Small Hog Operation Payment (SHOP)

Business / Agriculture / Small Hog Operation Payment (SHOP): A $50 million program, announced January 12, 1999, that makes direct farm payments of up to $5 per hog on the first 500 hogs marketed during the last 6 months of 1998. Operations marketing 1,000 or mo MORE

Small Intestine

Science / Biology / Small Intestine: A coiled tube in the abdominal cavity that is the major site of chemical digestion and absorption of nutrients; composed of the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. MORE

Small Investor

Business / Finance / Small Investor: A temporary fall in performance, often describing consistently falling security prices for several weeks or months. MORE

Small Forward

Entertainment / Basketball / Small Forward: Usually bigger than the guards but smaller than the power forward; responsibilities include both inside and outside work. MORE

Small Farm

Business / Agriculture / Small Farm: Although there is no official, widely accepted definition of a small farm, the Small Farms Commission described it, for purposes of its 1997 study, as one with less than $250,000 in gross receipts ann MORE