Science / Weather / Smoke: Small particles produced by combustion that are suspended in the air. A transition to haze may occur when the smoke particles have traveled great distance (25 to 100 miles or more), and when the larger particles have settled out. The remaining particles become widely scattered through the atmosphere. It is reported as 'FU' in an observation and on the METAR.

Arctic Sea Smoke

Science / Weather / Arctic Sea Smoke: A type of advection fog that forms primarily over water when cold air passes across warmer waters. MORE


Science / Weather / Lithometeor: Atmospheric phenomena which affect the state of the atmosphere. They constitute dry particles that hang suspended in the atmosphere, such as dust, smoke, sand, and haze. MORE


Science / Weather / Obscuration: Any phenomena in the atmosphere, excluding precipitation, that reduces horizontal visibility. According to the National Weather Service, some of the obstructions to visibility include blowing and wide MORE