Snow Cover

Science / Weather / Snow Cover: The areal extent of ground covered by the snow. It is usually expressed as a percent of the total area of a given region.

Other Words for Cover

Cover Noun Synonyms: protect, shelter, shield, screen, guard, defend, command
Cover Verb Synonyms: overlie, spread over, overspread, lie on, layer, coat, blanket

Resource Conservation And Recovery Act

Business / Real Estate / Resource Conservation And Recovery Act: Federal law administered by the EPA which regulates the generation, processing and transportation of hazardous waste. MORE

Resource Conservation And Recovery Act (RCRA)

Business / Agriculture / Resource Conservation And Recovery Act (RCRA): P.L. 94-580 (October 21, 1976), as amended, authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate solid and hazardous wastes. The Act defines solid and hazardous waste, authorizes EPA to set stan MORE

Recovery Period

Business / Accounting / Recovery Period: The time period designated by Congress for depreciating business assets. MORE

Recovery Heart Rate

Health / Fitness / Recovery Heart Rate: Heart rate taken at the end of the exercise. The amount of the time it takes for your heart to recover to how it was before the exercise began. MORE

Recovered Or Removed Category

Health / Disease / Recovered Or Removed Category: Individuals in the SIR model who were infected by the disease but are no longer infectious by virtue of their recovery and immunity or death. MORE


Business / Finance / Recovery: The use of depreciation of assets to offset costs; or a new period of rising securities prices after a period of declining security values. MORE