Snow Creep

Science / Weather / Snow Creep: A continuous, extremely slow, downhill movement of a layer of snow.

Other Words for Creep

Creep Verb Synonyms: crawl, drag
Creep Noun Synonyms: crawl, slither, inch, squirm, wriggle, wiggle

Snow Plow

Entertainment / Bowling / Snow Plow: Normally a ball that hits high and plows through the pins for a strike. A strike ball. MORE

Snow Roller

Science / Weather / Snow Roller: The product of moist, cohesive snow that when initiated by wind rolls across the landscape, gathering snow until it can no longer move. It is shaped like a rolled sleeping bag, some reaching four feet MORE

Snow Shower

Science / Weather / Snow Shower: Frozen precipitation in the form of snow, characterized by its sudden beginning and ending. It is reported as 'SHSN' in an observation and on the METAR. MORE

Snow Squall

Science / Weather / Snow Squall: A heavy snow shower accompanied by sudden strong winds, or a squall. MORE

Snow Pellets

Science / Weather / Snow Pellets: Frozen precipitation in the form of white, round or conical opaque grains of ice. Their diameter ranges from 0.08 to 0.2 inch (2 to 5 mm). They are easily crushed and generally break up after reboundi MORE

Snow Line

Science / Weather / Snow Line: The lowest elevation area of a perennial snow field on high terrain, such as a mountain range. MORE