St. Elmos Fire

Science / Weather / St. Elmos Fire: A luminous, and often audible, electric discharge that is sporadic in nature. It occurs from objects, especially pointed ones, when the electrical field strength near their surfaces attains a value near 1000 volts per centimeter. It often occurs during stormy weather and might be seen on a ship's mast or yardarm, aircraft, lightning rods, and steeples. Also known as corposant or corona discharge.

Other Words for Fire

Fire Noun Synonyms: flame(s), blaze, conflagration, holocaust, inferno
Fire Verb Synonyms: detonate, set off, ignite, set fire to, light, let off
Fire Adjective Synonyms: feeling, passion, ardor, ardency, fervor, fervency, intensity, vigor, spirit, energy, vim, vivacity, sparkle, animation, liveliness, verve, pep, dash, vitality, eagerness, enthusiasm, fever, feverishness

Pinot St. George

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Pinot St. George: Grape found on small acreages in California and now thought to be identical to the Negrette of southern France.. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Rapid-Fire: Allows you to shoot fast and continuously by tapping the fire button, or in some games, simply holding it down. MORE

St. Andrews Foursome

Entertainment / Golf / St. Andrews Foursome: (also 'fensome') an alternate shot tournament format with two two-man teams in each foursome, each player hits a tee shot, then the best tee shot of each two-man team is selected and the other ball is MORE