Standing Wave

Science / Weather / Standing Wave: An atmospheric wave that is stationary with respect to the medium in which it is embedded.

Other Words for Standing

Standing Adjective Synonyms: status, rank, station, position, place, grade, order, level, stratum
Standing Noun Synonyms: established, set, standard, conventional, customary,ual, normal, regular, fixed, permanent, continued, continuing, regular

Other Words for Wave

Wave Adjective Synonyms: swell, undulation, billow, sea, heave, roller, whitecap, white horse, ripple, wavelet, breaker, comber

Mountain Wave

Science / Weather / Mountain Wave: A wave in the atmosphere caused by a barrier, such as a mountain. Sometimes it is marked by lenticular clouds to the lee side of mountain barriers. May be called a standing wave or a lee wave. MORE

Standing Crop

Science / Marine Biology / Standing Crop: The amount of living material per unit area or volume; may be expressed as grams of carbon, total dry weight, and so on MORE

Standing Cloud

Science / Weather / Standing Cloud: Any type of isolated cloud, generally formed over peaks or ridges of mountainous areas, that appears stationary or standing over the terrain. MORE

Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

Health / Yoga / Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana): A standing pose. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Extend your body and arms forward until your hands touch your feet. MORE

Standing Order

Business / Debt / Standing Order: An instruction you give to your bank or building society to make regular payments from your account to a specific company. This is a fixed amount unlike a direct debit which can vary. MORE

Standing Wave

Technology / Home Audio / Standing Wave: A phenomenon where a sound is reflected between two parallel surfaces, such that certain sounds are made more intense and others diminished in given parts of a listening environment. Technically they MORE