Science / Weather / Subpolar: The region bordering the polar region, between 50° and 70° North and South latitude. This is generally an area of semi-permanent low pressure that exists and where the Aleutian and Icelandic Lows may be found. However, a dome of high pressure may form over the cold continental surfaces during the winter, for example, the North American High and the Siberian High.

Aleutian Low

Science / Weather / Aleutian Low: A semi-permanent, subpolar area of low pressure located in the Gulf of Alaska near the Aleutian Islands. It is a generating area for storms and migratory lows often reach maximum intensity in this are MORE

Icelandic Low

Science / Weather / Icelandic Low: A semi-permanent, subpolar area of low pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean. Because of its broad area and range of central pressure, it is an area where migratory lows tend to slow down and deepen. I MORE