Summation Layer Amount

Science / Weather / Summation Layer Amount: The amount of sky cover for each layer is given in eighths of sky cover attributable to clouds or obscurations. The summation amount for any given layer is equal to the sum of the sky cover for the layer being evaluated plus the sky cover for all lower layers, including partial obscuration. A summation amount for a layer can not exceed 8/8ths.

Other Words for Amount

Amount Verb Synonyms: a add up to, total, aggregate, come (up) to
Amount Noun Synonyms: quantity, volume, mass, expanse, bulk, supply, lot, number, magnitude

QuickTime Player

Technology / Computers / QuickTime Player: A multimedia technology developed by Apple Computer. Developed to display video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music and 360 degree virtual reality (VR) scenes. Apple makes its QuickTime plug-in a MORE

Real Player

Technology / Computers / Real Player: Developed by RealNetworks, this is a cross-platform multi-media player. MORE


Science / Geology / Seamount: A mountain on the sea floor that has at least 1000 meters of local relief. Most seamounts are shield volcanoes. (See also Guyot.) MORE