Sun Dog

Science / Weather / Sun Dog: Either of two colored luminous spots that appear at roughly 22° on both sides of the sun at the same elevation. They are caused by the refraction of sunlight passing through ice crystals. They are most commonly seen during winter in the middle latitudes and are exclusively associated with cirriform clouds. The scientific name for sun dogs is parhelion and they are also known as mock suns.

Other Words for Sun

Sun Noun Synonyms: tan, suntan, sunbathe, bask, bake, brown, bronze
Sun Adjective Synonyms: (old) Sol, Helios, Phoebus (Apollo), Ra, Sunna, day-star

Sunday Bag

Entertainment / Golf / Sunday Bag: An extremely lightweight golf bag, usually very small in diameter and easy to carry MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Sunbelt: Patented, very hardy seeded grape similar to Concord and better suited to Southern U.S.A. climate where ripening evenly can be a problem. Excellent disease resistance. Claimed to produce juice of inte MORE

Sunday Ball

Entertainment / Golf / Sunday Ball: (also 'lunch ball, muligan') taking a second attempt (replay, 'do over') at a shot when one doesn't like the result of the first MORE