Sun Pillar

Science / Weather / Sun Pillar: Horizontal ice crystals in the form of plates, which occur in clouds and ice fog near the earth's surface, reflect sunlight into vertical sun pillars for a spectacular display.

Other Words for Pillar

Pillar Noun Synonyms: column, pilaster, pile, piling, pier, upright, post, shaft, prop, atlas, caryatid

Other Words for Sun

Sun Noun Synonyms: tan, suntan, sunbathe, bask, bake, brown, bronze
Sun Adjective Synonyms: (old) Sol, Helios, Phoebus (Apollo), Ra, Sunna, day-star


Health / Tai Chi / Sung: A relaxed body/mental state. This is different from collapsed or flimsy. MORE

Sunk Costs

Business / Finance / Sunk Costs: Method of accelerated depreciation. MORE

Sunlight Zone

Science / Marine Biology / Sunlight Zone: See Photic Zone. MORE

Sunflower Oil Assistance Program (SOAP)

Business / Agriculture / Sunflower Oil Assistance Program (SOAP): Along with the Cottonseed Oil Assistance Program (COAP), SOAP was one of two programs under which bonuses were awarded to exporters of U.S. vegetable oil to assist in exports to targeted markets. The MORE

Sunday Ball

Entertainment / Golf / Sunday Ball: (also 'lunch ball, muligan') taking a second attempt (replay, 'do over') at a shot when one doesn't like the result of the first MORE

Sun Sign

Science / Astrology / Sun Sign: What people think of as their 'Sign' or 'Star Sign.' It is the position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the moment of one's birth. The Sign placement of the Sun shows an individual's basic character. It i MORE