Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR)

Science / Weather / Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR): Doppler radar installed at major airports throughout the United States to detect microbursts.

Other Words for Terminal

Terminal Adjective Synonyms: connection, wire, connector, coupler, coupling, conductor
Terminal Noun Synonyms: closing, concluding, terminating, ending, final, ultimate, extreme, maximum, greatest
Terminal Verb Synonyms: keyboard, monitor, position, station, VDU (= 'visual display unit'), PC (= 'personal computer'), module, CRT (= 'cathode ray tube'), screen, (control) panel

Other Words for Weather

Weather Adjective Synonyms: (meteorological) condition(s), climate

Severe Weather

Science / Weather / Severe Weather: Generally, any destructive weather event, but usually applies to localized storms, such as blizzards, intense thunderstorms, or tornadoes. MORE

Spring Clip Terminals

Technology / Home Audio / Spring Clip Terminals: Are usually found on lower-priced speakers, and low- to medium-priced receivers. They work best with bare wire connections with small-gauge speaker wire, or pin-type connectors (see connectors, above) MORE

Secondary Radar

Technology / Radar / Secondary Radar: A secondary radar system is a cooperative target identification system in which the interrogator transmits an encoded signal to a target. MORE

Screw Type (Terminal)

Technology / Home Audio / Screw Type (Terminal): The most secure method of interconnecting the wire from the amplifier to a speaker. In its best realization, the terminal has a post with a hole drilled through it at the base, through which the incom MORE

Satellite Radar

Technology / Radar / Satellite Radar: Satellite radar systems can be used for a variety of surveillance applications. MORE

Stationary Radar

Technology / Radar / Stationary Radar: Is operated from a stationary position. Virtually all radars work in this mode and some will also work in the moving mode. Most of sports radar guns and handheld police radar guns are stationary radar MORE