Science / Weather / Tilt: The inclination to the vertical of a significant feature of the pressure pattern or of the field of moisture or temperature. For example, midlatitide troughs tend to display a westward tilt with altitude through the troposphere.

Other Words for Tilt

Tilt Verb Synonyms: lean, slant, incline, slope, angle, tip, heel, list, pitch, cant, inclination
Tilt Noun Synonyms: joust, tourney, tournament, meeting, tilting, engagement, encounter, match, contest, test, trial, fight, combat, dispute, argument, difference, quarrel, altercation, squabble, tiff, spat, set-to
Tilt Adverb Synonyms: lean, slant, incline, slope, angle, tip, heel over, pitch, list, cant


Technology / Television (TV) / Tilting: The action of rotating the camera up and down, on a horizontal axis in a stationary body. Tilt also refers to the resulting vertical movements in the image. MORE

Axis Tilt

Entertainment / Bowling / Axis Tilt: Ranging from 0 to 90 degrees, this is determined by the direction your axis is facing when you release the ball. 0 is parallel to the gutters, 90 is parallel to the foul line. The less axis tilt you h MORE

Pan And Tilt Head

Entertainment / Photography / Pan And Tilt Head: Tripod head allowing the camera to be tilted up and down or turned through a 360° arc. MORE

Tilt The Five

Entertainment / Bowling / Tilt The Five: A weak pocket hit where the ball deflects too much are just barely knocks over the five pin. MORE

Long Ascension

Science / Astrology / Long Ascension: A term applied to Cancer, leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius because they take longer to rise over the horizon than do the other six signs due to Earth's tilt relative to the ecliptic. See als MORE

Standing Wave

Technology / Home Audio / Standing Wave: A phenomenon where a sound is reflected between two parallel surfaces, such that certain sounds are made more intense and others diminished in given parts of a listening environment. Technically they MORE