Science / Weather / Trace: Generally, an unmeasurable or insignificant quantity. A precipitation amount of less than 0.005 inch.

Other Words for Trace

Trace Noun Synonyms: investigate, discover, ascertain, detect, determine, find, seek, search for, hunt down or up, unearth, track
Trace Verb Synonyms: hint, intimation, sign, token, suggestion, touch, vestige, indication, mark, record, evidence, clue
Trace Adjective Synonyms: dog, pursue, follow (in the footsteps of), stalk, track (down), shadow, trail, tail

Animal Identification And Traceback

Business / Agriculture / Animal Identification And Traceback: Currently, the private marketing system, assisted by computerization of records, generally can trace products back to their original suppliers, although not necessarily all the way to the farm. It has MORE

Intracellular Digestion

Science / Biology / Intracellular Digestion: A form of digestion in which food is taken into cells by phagocytosis; found in sponges and most protozoa and coelenterates. MORE

Extracellular Route

Science / Biology / Extracellular Route: Path taken by water through the root in which water moves through the spaces between cell walls of the cortex parenchyma. MORE

Intracellular Parasites

Science / Biology / Intracellular Parasites: Viruses that enter a host cell and take over the hosts cellular machinery to produce new viral particles. MORE

Extracellular Digestion

Science / Biology / Extracellular Digestion: A form of digestion found in annelids, crustaceans, and chordates including vertebrates; takes place within the lumen of the digestive system, and the resulting nutrient molecules are transferred into MORE

Intracellular Route

Science / Biology / Intracellular Route: Path taken by water through the cells of the root between the epidermis and the xylem, moving through plasmodesmata. MORE