Science / Weather / Trajectory: The curve that a body, such as a celestial object, describes in space. This applies to air parcel movement also.

Other Words for Trajectory

Trajectory Verb Synonyms: flight path, course, track


Technology / Aviation / Pitch: (1) Of the three axes in flight, this specifies the vertical action, the up-and-down movement. Compare ROLL and YAW. (2) The angle of a propeller or rotor blade in relation to its arc: also the distan MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Shank: (also 'lateral') when the ball is contacted by, and ricochets off, the hosel or neck before it hits the clubface causing an errant direction and trajectory (low and to the right for a right-handed pla MORE


Business / Construction / Chase: A framed enclosed space around a flue pipe or a channel in a wall, or through a ceiling for something to lie in or pass through. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Blade: 1. (also 'leading edge') the leading (lowest/forward-most) edge of a club's head, where the sole and face meet 2. (also 'skull, thin, belly') when the ball is contacted with the leading edge instead MORE


Business / Construction / Lateral: The underground trench and related services (i.e., electric, gas, telephone, sewer and water lines) that will be buried within the trench. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Stinger: A low penetrating long shot, usually with a long iron or wood (term mainly used in reference to tee shots) played with the hands forward and ball position back farther than normal to decrease trajecto MORE