Science / Weather / Translucent: Not transparent, but clear enough to allow light to pass through.


Entertainment / Photography / Lightbox: Box of fluorescent tubes balanced for white light and covered with translucent glass or plastic. Used for viewing, registering or correcting film negatives and positives. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Opalotype: Is an obsolete printing process in which a carbon-process image is transferred on to translucent opal glass. MORE

Ice Pellets

Science / Weather / Ice Pellets: Precipitation in the form of transparent or translucent pellets of ice, which are round or irregular in shape. They have a diameter of 0.2 inches (5 mm) or less. They are classified into two types: ha MORE

Clear Ice

Science / Weather / Clear Ice: A glossy, clear, or translucent ice formed by the relatively slow freezing of large supercooled in water droplets. The droplets spread out over an object, such as an aircraft wing's leading edge, prio MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Glaze: Glossy surface produced on some (non resin coated) printing papers. It is achieved by placing a wet print to to a heated drum or clean polished surface. Glazed print produce denser medium blacks than MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Snow: See marine snow MORE