Triple Point

Science / Weather / Triple Point: The point at which any three atmospheric boundaries meet. It is most often used to refer to the point of occlusion of an extratropical cyclone where the cold, warm, and occluded fronts meet. Cyclogenesis may occur at a triple point. It is also the condition of temperature and pressure under which the gaseous, liquid, and solid forms of a substance can exist in equilibrium.

Other Words for Point

Point Noun Synonyms: spot, place, stage, position, site, station, location, locale
Point Adjective Synonyms: dot, mark, speck, (full) stop, period, decimal point

Rating Point

Technology / Television (TV) / Rating Point: A value equal to one percent of a population or universe. MORE

Saturation Point

Science / Weather / Saturation Point: The point when the water vapor in the atmosphere is at its maximum level for the existing temperature. MORE

Save Point

Entertainment / Video Games / Save Point: A location in a game at which the player can stop, save the game, and on a subsequent play session pick up where he left off. MORE