Tropical Air Mass

Science / Weather / Tropical Air Mass: An air mass that forms in the tropics or subtropics over the low latitudes. Maritime tropical air is produced over oceans and is warm and humid, while continental tropical air is formed over arid regions and is very hot and dry.

Other Words for Air

Air Noun Synonyms: atmosphere, ambience, aura, climate, feeling, sense, mood, quality

Other Words for Mass

Mass Noun Synonyms: pile, heap, mountain, load, stack, mound, bunch, bundle, lot, batch, quantity, hoard, store, collection, accumulation, aggregation, agglomeration, congeries, assortment, miscellany, assemblage, conglomeration
Mass Verb Synonyms: abundance, quantity, profusion, volume, multitude, horde, host, mob, crowd, throng, drove(s), herd(s), swarm(s), legion(s), score(s), number(s), bunch(es), ton(s), mountain, piles, bags, barrels, oodles, lots, oceans, loads, scads, mess, slew(s)

Mass Wasting

Science / Geology / Mass Wasting: A general term used for any downslope movement of rock, soil, snow or ice under the influence of gravity. Includes: landslides, creep, rock falls and avalanches. MORE

Mass Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / Mass Spectrum: A plot showing the results of a mass spectrometry experiment, which shows the presence of particles with different masses as a series of sharp, separate peaks. The position of the peaks on the x-axis MORE

Mass Spectrometry

Science / Chemistry / Mass Spectrometry: A method for experimentally determining isotopic masses and isotopic abundances. A sample of an element is converted into a stream of ions and passed through an electromagnetic field. Ions with differ MORE

Mass Spectrometer

Science / Chemistry / Mass Spectrometer: An instrument that measures the masses and relative abundances of a sample that has been vaporized and ionized. MORE


Health / Massage / Massage: The manipulation of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function of those tissues and promote relaxation and well-being. Therapeutic massage can ease tension and reduce pain. Massage can be a MORE

Massage Modality Or Technique

Health / Massage / Massage Modality Or Technique: A kind of massage, such as Swedish, deep tissue or myofascial release. MORE