Science / Weather / Turbulence: The irregular and instantaneous motions of air which is made up of a number of small of eddies that travel in the general air current. Atmospheric turbulence is caused by random fluctuations in the wind flow. It can be caused by thermal or convective currents, differences in terrain and wind speed, along a frontal zone, or variation in temperature and pressure.

Clear Air Turbulence

Science / Weather / Clear Air Turbulence: Name given to turbulence that may occur in perfectly clear air without any visual in warning in the form of clouds. It is often found in the vicinity of the jet stream where large shears in the horizo MORE

Turbulence Hole

Entertainment / Bowling / Turbulence Hole: This extra hole creates air turbulence and causes the pins to fly around and mix better. MORE

Lenticular Cloud

Science / Weather / Lenticular Cloud: A cloud species which has elements resembling smooth lenses or almonds and more or less isolated. These clouds are caused by a wave wind pattern created by the mountains. They are also indicative of d MORE