Upslope Fog

Science / Weather / Upslope Fog: Fog that forms when warm, moist surface air is forced up a slope by the wind. It is adiabatically cooled to below its initial dew point, which means the air cools by expansion as it rises. It forms best where there is a gradual slope, and it can become quite deep, requiring considerable time to dissipate.

Other Words for Fog

Fog Noun Synonyms: mist, haze, smog, vapour, cloud, pea-souper
Fog Verb Synonyms: trance, daze, stupor, brown study, confused state, coma

Cheyenne Fog

Science / Weather / Cheyenne Fog: An upslope fog formed by the westward flow of air from the Missouri River Valley, producing fog on the eastern slopes of the Rockies. MORE

Ice Fog

Science / Weather / Ice Fog: Fog that is composed of minute ice particles. It occurs in very low temperatures under clear, calm conditions in the polar latitudes and may produce a halo around the sun or moon. MORE

Radiation Fog

Science / Weather / Radiation Fog: Fog that is created when radiational cooling at the earth's surface lowers the temperature of the air near the ground to or below its dew point. Formation is best when there is a shallow surface layer MORE