Vapor Trail

Science / Weather / Vapor Trail: A cloudlike streamer or trail often seen behind aircraft flying in clear, cold, humid air. A vapor trail is created when the water vapor from the engine exhaust gases are added to the atmosphere. Also called a contrail, for condensation trail.

Other Words for Trail

Trail Verb Synonyms: (beaten) path, way, footpath, route, way, track, course
Trail Noun Synonyms: track, spoor, scent, smell, trace, footsteps, footprints, path, wake

Other Words for Vapor

Vapor Noun Synonyms: mist, fog, steam, cloud, smoke, smog, exhalation


Technology / Aviation / Contrail: Trailing streak of condensed water vapor created in the air by heat from an aircraft engine at high altitudes: aka VAPOR TRAIL. MORE

Trailing Phenomenon

Science / Psychiatry / Trailing Phenomenon: moving objects are seen as a series of discrete discontinuous images. It is associated with hallucinogens MORE

Trailing Spouse

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Trailing Spouse: A term used to describe the spouse of an employee who has been transferred or relocated. MORE

Trailing Edge

Technology / Aviation / Trailing Edge: The rearmost edge of an AIRFOIL. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Trailie: Another name for an Adventure Touring Motorcycle, which could be likened to a larger displacement dual-purpose bike. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Trailer: A player who follows his teammate on the attack seemingly out of the action but actually in a position to receive a backward or drop pass. MORE