Vorticity Maximum

Science / Weather / Vorticity Maximum: A center of vorticity, or the maximum of the vorticity field of a fluid.

Other Words for Maximum

Maximum Noun Synonyms: most, utmost, uttermost, greatest, peak, extreme, extremity, pinnacle, top, highest, (upper) limit

Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD)

Business / Agriculture / Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD): Loosely, the highest dose of a chemical that when administered to a group of test animals does not increase the death rate during a long-term study. The purpose of administering MTD is to determine wh MORE

Maximum Unambiguous Range

Technology / Radar / Maximum Unambiguous Range: The pulse-repetition frequency (prf) of a radar system determines the maximum operating range of the radar before ambiguities start to occur. This is called the maximum unambiguous range of MORE

Maximum Takeoff Weight

Technology / Aviation / Maximum Takeoff Weight: The maximum weight of any aircraft on takeoff without exceeding its load factor. (MTOW) MORE

Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSy)

Science / Biology / Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSy): The maximum number of a food or game population that can be harvested without harming the populations ability to grow back. MORE

Maximum Sustainable Yield

Science / Marine Biology / Maximum Sustainable Yield: In fisheries biology, the maximum catch obtainable per unit time under the appropriate fishing rate MORE

Negative Vorticity Advection

Science / Weather / Negative Vorticity Advection: The advection of lower values of vorticity into an area. MORE