Warm Advection

Science / Weather / Warm Advection: The horizontal movement of warmer air into a location.

Other Words for Warm

Warm Noun Synonyms: heat (up), warm up or over
Warm Verb Synonyms: ardent, enthusiastic, earnest, eager, sincere

Cold Advection

Science / Weather / Cold Advection: The horizontal movement of colder air into a location. Contrast with warm advection. MORE

Warm Front

Science / Weather / Warm Front: The leading edge of an advancing warm air mass that is replacing a retreating relatively colder air mass. Generally, with the passage of a warm front, the temperature and humidity increase, the pressu MORE

Warm Colors

Entertainment / Photography / Warm Colors: Are any colors which, by association, suggest warmth, such as red, orange and yellow. MORE

Warm High

Science / Weather / Warm High: A high pressure system that has its warmest temperatures at or near the center of circulation. Contrast with a cold high. MORE

Warm Boot

Technology / Computers / Warm Boot: Rebooting the system by using a software command rather than turning the power off, then on. The system is reset but power is never interrupted. MORE

Warm Tone Developer

Entertainment / Photography / Warm Tone Developer: Is a developer producing image colors in chlorobromide papers ranging from warm black to reddish brown, according to type. MORE