Warm High

Science / Weather / Warm High: A high pressure system that has its warmest temperatures at or near the center of circulation. Contrast with a cold high.

Other Words for High

High Adjective Synonyms: tall, lofty, elevated, towering
High Adverb Synonyms: intoxication, altered consciousness
High Noun Synonyms: anticyclone

Other Words for Warm

Warm Noun Synonyms: heat (up), warm up or over
Warm Verb Synonyms: ardent, enthusiastic, earnest, eager, sincere

Cut-Off High

Science / Weather / Cut-Off High: A warm high which has become displaced and is on the polarward side of the jet stream. It occurs mostly during the spring and is most frequent over northeastern Siberia, Alaska, and Greenland. It is a MORE

Cold High

Science / Weather / Cold High: A high pressure system that has its coldest temperatures at or near the center of circulation, and horizontally, is thermally barotropic. It is shallow in nature, as circulation decreases with height. MORE

Highly Stratified Estuary

Science / Marine Biology / Highly Stratified Estuary: An estuary having a distinct surface layer of fresh or very-low-salinity water, capping a deeper layer of higher salinity, more oceanic water MORE

Highrise Developments

Business / Real Estate / Highrise Developments: Sometimes called mixed-use developments (MUDs), these combine office space, stores, theaters and apartment units in a single vertical community. MUDs usually are self-contained and offer laundry facil MORE

Highly Leveraged Transaction (HLT)

Business / Finance / Highly Leveraged Transaction (HLT): An investment banking firm's letter indicating that the firm is highly confident it will be able to arrange financing for a securities deal. MORE

Highly Confident Letter

Business / Finance / Highly Confident Letter: Japanese term for a takeover. MORE