Water Vapor (H2O)

Science / Weather / Water Vapor (H2O): Water in gaseous form. It is one of the most import constituents of the atmosphere. Due to its molecular content, air containing water vapor is lighter than dry air. This contributes to the reason why moist air has a tendency to rise.

Other Words for Vapor

Vapor Noun Synonyms: mist, fog, steam, cloud, smoke, smog, exhalation

Other Words for Water

Water Noun Synonyms: H2O, distilled water, tap water, drinking-water, bottled water, spa water, still water, soda (water), effervescent water, mineral water, sea water, salt water, ditch-water, dishwater, bath-water, branch water, Adam's ale, Latin a

Vapor Retarders

Business / Real Estate / Vapor Retarders: Special materials used in the installation of thermal insulation to reduce the passage of water vapor. These materials include treated papers, plastic sheets, and metallic foils. MORE

Vapor Trail

Science / Weather / Vapor Trail: A cloudlike streamer or trail often seen behind aircraft flying in clear, cold, humid air. A vapor trail is created when the water vapor from the engine exhaust gases are added to the atmosphere. Also MORE


Science / Chemistry / Water: A colorless, tasteless liquid with some very peculiar properties that stem from the bent H-O-H structure of its molecules. MORE

Vapor Pressure Lowering

Science / Chemistry / Vapor Pressure Lowering: A colligative property of solutions. The vapor pressure of a solution is always lower than the vapor pressure of the pure solvent; the ratio of solution to pure solvent vapor pressures is approximatel MORE

Vapor Pressure

Science / Chemistry / Vapor Pressure: The partial pressure of a gas in equilibrium with a condensed form (solid or liquid) of the same substance. MORE

Vapor Barrier

Business / Construction / Vapor Barrier: A building product installed on exterior walls and ceilings under the drywall and on the warm side of the insulation. It is used to retard the movement of water vapor into walls and prevent condensati MORE