Science / Weather / Wedge: Primarily refers to an elongated area of shallow high pressure at the earth's surface. It is generally associated with cold air east of the Rockies or Appalachians. It is another name for a ridge, ridge line, or ridge axis. Contrast with a trough. Wedge is also a slang term for a large, wide tornado with a wedge-like shape.

Other Words for Wedge

Wedge Adjective Synonyms: ram, jam, stuff, cram, crowd, force, squeeze, pack, thrust
Wedge Verb Synonyms: block, chock

Third Wedge

Entertainment / Golf / Third Wedge: (sometimes also called a 'utility wedge') manufacturer-dependent and varied, a lofted wedge that differs from a pitching wedge or a sandwedge in loft and/or sole charactersitics MORE

Gap Wedge

Entertainment / Golf / Gap Wedge: (can go by many other names, manufacturer-dependent) a lofted wedge that is usually designed to fill in the distance between the pitching wedge and sandwedge MORE

Lob Wedge

Entertainment / Golf / Lob Wedge: A very lofted wedge, usually 59 or 60 degrees (more sometimes), designed for playing high, soft shots from short distances MORE