Science / Weather / Westerlies: Usually applied to the broad patterns of persistent winds with a westerly component. It is the dominant persistent atmospheric motion, centered over the midlatitudes of each hemisphere. Near the earth's surface, the westerlies extend from approximately 35 to 65 degrees latitude, while in the upper levels they extend further polarward and equatorward.

Westerlies (Prevailing Westerlies)

Science / Marine Biology / Westerlies (Prevailing Westerlies): Persistent eastward-equatorward winds in midlatitudes in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres MORE


Science / Tides and Currents / Eddy: A quasi-circular movement of water whose area is relatively small in comparison to the current with which it is associated. MORE

Cold Low

Science / Weather / Cold Low: A low pressure system that has its coldest temperatures at or near the center of circulation, and is thermally barotropic with respect to a horizontal plane. Also known as a cold core low. A cut off l MORE