Wet Bulb Depression

Science / Weather / Wet Bulb Depression: Dependent on the temperature and the humidity of the air, it is the difference between the dry bulb and the wet bulb readings.

Other Words for Depression

Depression Noun Synonyms: dejection, despair, gloom, downheartedness, sadness, melancholy, discouragement, despondency, gloominess, glumness, the blues, unhappiness, the dumps
Depression Verb Synonyms: indentation, dent, dimple, impression, pit, hollow, recess, cavity, concavity, dip

Other Words for Wet

Wet Noun Synonyms: moist, moistened, damp, dampened, soaked, soaking, sopping, wringing, dripping, sodden, soppy, saturated, drenched
Wet Adjective Synonyms: milksop, softie or softy, lightweight, drip, loser, weed, wimp, weak sister
Wet Verb Synonyms: rain, wetness, mist, dew, fog, damp, humidity

Wet Collodion

Entertainment / Photography / Wet Collodion: Is a much improved calotype developed by frederick scott archer. A sensitized glass plate was dipped into a bath of silver nitrate and exposed while still wet. The improved speed made much shorter exp MORE

Wet Edge

Life Style / Painting / Wet Edge: Length of time a wall paint can stand and be brushed back in to the next stretch without showing a lap. MORE

Wet Processing

Entertainment / Photography / Wet Processing: Is processing by the application of chemicals in fluid form. The traditional method of photographic processing. MORE

Wet Sump

Technology / Motorcycle / Wet Sump: As part of the lubricating system of an internal combustion engine, a wet sump is a built-in oil reservoir at the base of the engine. From there oil is pumped into various engine bearings and then dra MORE

Wet Clutch

Technology / Motorcycle / Wet Clutch: A clutch that contains many plates that are in the oil spray of the transmission and the oil gets between the plates. The plates on wet clutches have a tendency to stick together when the bike sits. S MORE

Wet Bulb Thermometer

Science / Weather / Wet Bulb Thermometer: A thermometer used to measure the lowest temperature in the ambient atmosphere in its natural state by evaporating water from a wet muslin-covered bulb of a thermometer. The wet bulb temperature is us MORE