Technology / Aviation / Aileron: The movable areas of a wingform that control or affect the roll of an aircraft by working opposite one another—up-aileron on the right wing and down-aileron on the left wing. French: aileron small wing, diminutive of aile, from Latin: ala, wing. The word 'aisle' also derives from the same root. (Above pic proves that birds invented ailerons long before man did.)

Frise Aileron

Technology / Aviation / Frise Aileron: A type of aileron that has a beveled leading edge projecting beyond its inset hinges. When lowered, it forms an extension of the wing surface: when raised, its nose protrudes below the wing, increasin MORE


Technology / Aviation / Elevon: A hinged device on the rear portion of an aircraft wing combining the functions of an elevator and an aileron. Usually found on delta-wing aircraft, it can be moved in the same direction on either sid MORE


Technology / Aviation / Flaperon: A control surface combining the functions of a FLAP and an AILERON. MORE