Technology / Aviation / Airfoil: The shape of any flying surface, but principally a wing, as seen in side-view ('cross-section'). Its characteristics are Center of Pressure (CP), DRAG (CD), LIFT (CL), Lift-Drag Ratio (L/D), and Moment (CM).

Laminar-Flow Airfoil

Technology / Aviation / Laminar-Flow Airfoil: A low-drag airfoil designed to maintain laminar (smooth, continuous) flow over a high percentage of the CHORD about itself. Often relatively thin, especially along the leading edge, with most of its b MORE


Technology / Aviation / Upwash: The slight, upward flow of air just prior to its reaching the leading edge of a rapidly moving airfoil. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Camber: The convex or concave curvature of an airfoil. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Elevator: A tall warehouse facility that uses vertical conveyors to raise or elevate grain, generally owned privately or by an agricultural cooperative, where grain is stored before being marketed. The term ele MORE


Technology / Aviation / Slats: Movable vanes or auxiliary airfoils, usually set along the leading edge of a wing but able to be lifted away at certain angles of attack. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Stall: (1) Sudden loss of lift when the angle of attack increases to a point where the flow of air breaks away from a wing or airfoil, causing it to drop. (2) A maneuver initiated by the steep raising of an MORE