Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)

Technology / Aviation / Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT): A terminal facility that uses air/ground communications, visual signaling, and other devices to provide ATC services to aircraft operating in the vicinity of an airport or on the movement area. Authorizes aircraft to land or takeoff at the airport controlled by the tower or to transit the Class D airspace area regardless of flight plan or weather conditions (IFR or VFR). A tower may also provide approach control services (radar or non-radar).

Other Words for Control

Control Verb Synonyms: command, dominate, direct, steer, pilot, hold sway over, rule, exercise power or authority over, govern, manage, lead, conduct, be in control (of), call the tune, guide, oversee, supervise
Control Noun Synonyms: restraint, check, curb, mastery, command, dominance, domination

Other Words for Tower

Tower Preposition Synonyms: fortress, citadel, stronghold, castle, fastness, keep, dungeon, prison
Tower Verb Synonyms: bell-tower, campanile, minaret, pagoda, obelisk, belfry, spire, turret, steeple, flŠche

Other Words for Traffic

Traffic Noun Synonyms: movement, conveyance, shipping, transport, freight, transportation
Traffic Adjective Synonyms: See trade, 5, above

Radar Approach Control Facility (RAPCON)

Technology / Aviation / Radar Approach Control Facility (RAPCON): A terminal ATC facility that uses radar and non-radar capabilities to provide approach control services to aircraft arriving, departing, or transiting airspace controlled by the facility. This facilit MORE

Media Access Control (MAC) Address

Technology / Computers / Media Access Control (MAC) Address: In networking, MAC Address refers to the globally unique hardware address of an Ethernet network interface card. MORE


Technology / Computers / Minitower: A PC system case style that is shorter than a full or mid-sized tower. MORE