Altimeter Setting

Technology / Aviation / Altimeter Setting: A reference setting on the altimeter so that the instrument indicates an accurate altitude.

Other Words for Setting

Setting Adjective Synonyms: mounting, scenery, background, backdrop, locale, location, surroundings, habitat, home, environs, environment, milieu, frame, context, site, placement, stage set or setting, mise en scŠne, scene

Pressure Altimeter

Science / Weather / Pressure Altimeter: An aneroid barometer calibrated to indicate altitude in feet instead of units of pressure. It is read accurately only in a standard atmosphere and when the correct altimeter setting is used. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Setting: The general locale, historical time, and social circumstances in which the action of a fictional or dramatic work occurs, the setting of an episode or scene within a work is the particular physical lo MORE

Radar Altimeter

Technology / Radar / Radar Altimeter: A radar altimeter is used by an aircraft to determine its height above terrain. MORE

Setting The Ball Short

Entertainment / Bowling / Setting The Ball Short: Either intentionally or by accident releasing the ball very near, or even behind, the foul line. MORE

T Setting

Entertainment / Photography / T Setting: See t (time). MORE

X Setting (X Sync)

Entertainment / Photography / X Setting (X Sync): Is the setting that causes the flash to burst in synchronization with the shutter. For some manual cameras, the x synch speed refers to the maximum speed that the camera can synchronize with the flash MORE