Technology / Aviation / Axial: Motion along a real or imaginary straight line on which an object supposedly or actually rotates.


Science / Spiders / Astigmatism(Axial): an electron-optical lens aberration that causes the defocus to be a function of azimuth, and the contrast transfer function to deviate from circular symmetry about the optical axis. As a consequence, MORE

Axial Thrust

Technology / Motors / Axial Thrust: The force or loads that are applied to the motor shaft in a direction parallel to the axis of the shaft. (Such as from a fan or pump) MORE

Axial Skeleton

Science / Biology / Axial Skeleton: The skull, vertebral column, and rib cage; one of the two components of the skeleton in vertebrates. MORE

Coaxial Cable

Technology / Computers / Coaxial Cable: A data transmission cable praised for its high bandwidth, immunity to interference (eg: EMI) and cursed for its high cost. The inner conductor is shielded in insulating material as well as an outer co MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Paraxial: Rays nearest the optical axis of a lens. MORE

R-F Connectors

Technology / Television (TV) / R-F Connectors: An RF coaxial cable type output on a satellite TV set-top box to connect with old TV sets that do not include separate audio and video connectors. This type of connection do not support stereo audio o MORE