Blade Angle

Technology / Aviation / Blade Angle: The angle between the plane of propeller rotation and the face of the

Other Words for Angle

Angle Verb Synonyms: fish for, look for, seek, be after, try for, hunt for
Angle Noun Synonyms: slant, oblique, corner, edge, intersection, bend, cusp, point, apex, projection

Other Words for Blade

Blade Noun Synonyms: knife, cutting edge

Launch Angle

Entertainment / Golf / Launch Angle: The initial trajectory of the ball relative to the ground MORE

Lie Angle

Entertainment / Golf / Lie Angle: The angle between the sole of the club and the shaft from the face view (looking at the face of the club straight on) MORE

Low Angle

Technology / Television (TV) / Low Angle: A shot in which the camera is lower than the filmed object: thus the camera looks up at the actor/object. MORE

Rockered Blades

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Rockered Blades: Used by professional ice hockey skaters; the gentle curve in a very sharp blade of an ice skate produced by rounding the toe and heel of the blade to make it easier for hockey players to turn quickly. MORE

Interfacial Angle

Science / Geology / Interfacial Angle: The angle between two crystal faces of a crystal, characteristic of a mineral's symmetry. MORE

High Angle

Technology / Television (TV) / High Angle: A shot in which the camera is placed higher than the filmed actor or object, so that the camera looks down on the actor or object. MORE