Technology / Aviation / Camber: The convex or concave curvature of an airfoil.

Positive Camber

Technology / Motorcycle / Positive Camber: A Positive Camber turn is one that is banked higher on the outside of the turn than on the inside. NASCAR racetracks and Interstate highways are examples of roads that have Positive Camber. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Off-Camber: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. As an example, Harley makes a motorcycle out of parts and Harley is the OEM for that motorcycle. Users then may modify or add parts to the machine. Most MORE

Curl Bar

Health / Fitness / Curl Bar: Cambered bar designed for more comfortable grip and less forearm strain. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Flap: A movable, usually hinged AIRFOIL set in the trailing edge of an aircraft wing, designed to increase LIFT or DRAG by changing the CAMBER of the wing or used to slow an aircraft during landing by incre MORE

Kreuger Flap

Technology / Aviation / Kreuger Flap: A type of leading edge wing flap hinged at the bottom side of the airfoil. When it is actuated, the leading edge bends downward, increasing the overall wing camber which allows the wing to develop add MORE

Leading Edge Flap

Technology / Aviation / Leading Edge Flap: a portion of the leading edge of an airplane wing which folds downward to increase the camber of the wing to increase both its lift and drag. Leading-edge flaps are extended for takeoffs and landings MORE