Technology / Aviation / Chord: The measurable distance between the leading and trailing edges of a wingform.

Dominant Chord

Entertainment / Music / Dominant Chord: Chord built on the fifth scale step, the V chord. MORE

Subdominant Chord

Entertainment / Music / Subdominant Chord: Chord built on the fourth scale step, the IV chord. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Chordophone: World music classification for instruments that produce sound from a vibrating string stretched between two points which is bowed, struck or plucked. The most common Western instruments of this catego MORE

Ninth Chord

Entertainment / Music / Ninth Chord: Five-tone chord spanning a ninth between its lowest and highest tones. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Chordal: Texture comprised of chords in which the pitches sound simultaneously: also homorhythmic. MORE

Tonic Chord

Entertainment / Music / Tonic Chord: Triad built on the first scale tone, the I chord. MORE