Collective Pitch

Technology / Aviation / Collective Pitch: A cockpit control that changes the PITCH of a helicopter's rotor blades: used in climbing or descending.

Other Words for Pitch

Pitch Noun Synonyms: erect, raise, set or put up, position, fix, place
Pitch Verb Synonyms: toss, throw, cast, fling, hurl, heave, sling, fire, launch, shoot, send, let fly, Cricket bowl, chuck, peg, lob, bung


Entertainment / Golf / Pitchfork: (also 'divot repair tool, ballmark repair tool') a small (usually) two-pronged fork-like tool used mainly for repairing the putting surface MORE

Pitching Niblick

Entertainment / Golf / Pitching Niblick: Archaic term for an 8 iron MORE

Pitching Rotation

Entertainment / Baseball / Pitching Rotation: The order in which the starting pitchers take turns starting games, usually with three or four days rest between starts. MORE

Pitchers Best Friend

Entertainment / Baseball / Pitchers Best Friend: A double play. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Pitcher: The fielder designated to pitch the ball to the batter. MORE

Pitch Line

Business / Machine Shop / Pitch Line: An imaginary line which passes through threads at such points that the length of the part of the line between adjacent threads is equal to the length of the line within a thread. MORE