Compass Course

Technology / Aviation / Compass Course: A bearing as indicated by the horizontal angle between the compass needle and the centerline of the aircraft. A Compass Course is equal to a True Course ± variation and deviation: also equal to a Magnetic Course ± deviation.

Other Words for Course

Course Noun Synonyms: movement, progress, headway, advance, progression, speed
Course Adjective Synonyms: path, way, orbit, route, run, track, ambit, line, circuit, passage

Magnetic Course

Technology / Aviation / Magnetic Course: COMPASS COURSE ± deviation. MORE

Nonrecourse Loan

Business / Finance / Nonrecourse Loan: A loan taken by limited partners used to finance their portion of the partnership, which is secured by their ownership in the venture. MORE

Nonrecourse Loans

Business / Agriculture / Nonrecourse Loans: Farmers or processors participating in government commodity programs may pledge certain stored commodities as collateral and obtain a loan from the CCC at a commodity-specific, per-unit loan rate. The MORE

Prerequisite Courses

Life Style / College / Prerequisite Courses: This is a condition or requirement that must be met before enrolling in a course. To satisfy a prerequisite, you must receive a 'C' or better in the course to advance to the next class. MORE

Private Golf Course

Entertainment / Golf / Private Golf Course: (also 'private golf club') a golf course that requires membership, not accessible to the general public MORE


Business / Finance / Nonrecourse: In the case of default, the lender has ability to claim assets over and above what the limited partners contributed. MORE