Contact Flight

Technology / Aviation / Contact Flight: Navigation in which altitude and flight path can be maintained by visual reference to the ground and its landmarks. Similar to VFR.

Other Words for Contact

Contact Noun Synonyms: junction, conjunction, connection

Other Words for Flight

Flight Noun Synonyms: flying, soaring, winging, excursion

Contour Flight

Technology / Aviation / Contour Flight: Contact Flight in and around mountainous areas following visual reference to the terrain's countours. MORE

Flight Service Station (FSS)

Technology / Aviation / Flight Service Station (FSS): Air traffic facilities which provide pilot briefing, enroute communications and VFR search and rescue services, assist lost aircraft and aircraft in emergency situations, relay ATC clearances, origina MORE

Flight sim

Entertainment / Video Games / Flight sim: A game that realistically simulates flying an aircraft. MORE

Flight Plan

Technology / Aviation / Flight Plan: Specified information relating to the intended flight of an aircraft, filed orally or in writing with an FSS or an ATC facility. MORE

Flight Of Ideas

Science / Psychiatry / Flight Of Ideas: speech consists of a stream of accelerated thoughts with abrupt changes from topic to topic and no central direction. the connections between the thoughts may be based on chance relationships, verbal MORE

Flight Envelope

Technology / Aviation / Flight Envelope: An aircraft’s performance limits, specifically the curves of speed plotted against other variables to indicate the limits of speed, altitude, and acceleration that a particular aircraft cannot safel MORE