Conventional Gear

Technology / Aviation / Conventional Gear: Having two main landing wheels at the front and a tail wheel at the rear (as opposed to a “tricycle gear” with two mains and front or nose wheel.) Conventional gear aircraft are popularly called “taildraggers”. A Piper J-3 Cub is an example of this.

Other Words for Conventional

Conventional Noun Synonyms: customary, habitual,ual, normal, regular, standard, orthodox, traditional, established, ordinary, everyday, common, commonplace, accustomed, received, agreed, reactionary, old-fashioned, stodgy, stuffy, old hat

Other Words for Gear

Gear Verb Synonyms: cog, cog-wheel, gearbox, mechanism, machinery, works
Gear Noun Synonyms: equipment, apparatus, appliances, implements, tools, tackle, utensils, supplies, material(s), accessories, accoutrements or also accouterments, appurtenances, paraphernalia, panoply, outfit, trappings, fixtures, materiel

Gearing (Leverage)

Business / Accounting / Gearing (Leverage): The comparison of a company's long term fixed interest loans compared to its assets. In general two different methods are used: 1. Balance sheet gearing is calculated by dividing long term loans with MORE


Technology / Motors / Gearmotor: A gearhead and motor combination to reduce the speed of the motor to obtain the desired RPM's. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Geary: When the player pulls a quality pose after winning a point MORE


Business / Finance / Gearing: An economic technique used to account for inflation by comparing the current-dollar gross domestic product GDP to constant-dollar GDP as a ratio. The ratio accounts for price changes of goods and serv MORE


Technology / Motors / Gearhead: The portion of a gearmotor which contains the actual gearing which converts the basic motor speed to the rated output speed. MORE

Gear Indicators

Technology / Aviation / Gear Indicators: a device in the cockpit of an airplane with a retractable landing gear to inform the pilot of the condition of the wheels. It indicates whether they are down and locked, in transit, or up and locked. MORE