Coriolis Force

Technology / Aviation / Coriolis Force: The force that is produced when a particle moves a long a path in a plane while the plane itself is rotating.

Other Words for Force

Force Adjective Synonyms: power, might, energy, strength, potency, vigor, intensity, violence, impact, dynamism, pressure
Force Verb Synonyms: exact, extort, extract, wrest, wring, drag
Force Noun Synonyms: troops, soldiers, army

Labor Force

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Labor Force: The number of employed individuals in the civilian workforce and armed services. MORE

Intermolecular Force

Science / Chemistry / Intermolecular Force: An attraction or repulsion between molecules. Intermolecular forces are much weaker than chemical bonds. Hydrogen bonds, dipole-dipole interactions, and London forces are examples of intermolecular fo MORE

Life Insurance In Force

Business / Finance / Life Insurance In Force: The dollar amount of life insurance that a company has issued, measured as the sum of policy face values and dividends paid. MORE

London Force

Science / Chemistry / London Force: An intermolecular attractive force that arises from a cooperative oscillation of electron clouds on a collection of molecules at close range. MORE

Oil Reinforcement

Entertainment / Photography / Oil Reinforcement: Is a method of altering the tonal range of prints on matte or textured fiber papers. The dried print is rubbed with a medium consisting of two parts of turpentine to one of mastic varnish and one of l MORE

Inertia Force

Technology / Aviation / Inertia Force: A force due to inertia, or the resistance to acceleration or deceleration. MORE